Spring arrives around 2p today. And now, Signs that it's Spring in Greater Moncton:

   - The Petitcodiac River begins to change from brown with ice chunks to more of a frothy brown. Frothy!

   - The potholes that you can see from space start getting it on and make all sorts of sweet little baby potholes.

   - Handsome Paul Thomas stops wearing wool sweatervests and begins wearing cashmere sweatervests.

   - You can finally wear EITHER a toque OR earmuffs. You don’t have to wear both.

   - Your “favourite” neighbor is walking around the yard in his short robe again, not the longie!

- The kids go out in the backyard for 30 seconds and come back in the house covered in dog poop.

   - The Aliant tower seems to be standing straighter.

   - Two words: Speed Oh