Friday Pi Day!!

Today is National Pi Day (3.14.2014) Which makes us think of delicious PIE.

Now this excerpt from "Pie Memories: an essay of love by Stuart MacLean"

In the bakery of my mind, on a cooling rack that would be located somewhere near my brain stem, there are some wonderful pie memories. 

One time I stole a piece of my mother's blueberry pie. She caught me and made me eat an entire pie as punishment. It didn't work so she made me eat a second pie. When that also failed, she worked me over with the Moncton phone book. (It sounds bad, but keep in mind I was 23 years old at the time.) 

One time, when I found myself adrift on a boat during a fierce gale, it was the thought of my mother's Graham wafer pie that kept my hopes for rescue alive. Later, when the Centennial park attendant waded into the water to commandeer my Swan Paddler©, I celebrated by eating Graham wafer pie.

 A couple years ago, I was a judge in a pie-baking contest at my church! I was able to cross that one off my bucket list. (BTW, instead of using ink, I crossed it off my bucket list using pie juice.)(BTW BTW, there is nothing else on my bucket list) 

In closing, I feel it is wrong to smoosh a pie into someone's face for comedy/political purposes. The only situation where a pie should be pushed into someone's face is if that person is suffering from some sort of pie-deficiency-related seizure.

Happy Pi Day.


S & T