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The Province has awards for folks who are energy efficient...

Scotty and Tony's Guide to Becoming Energy Efficient©...

  • Tony: "I deserve a nomination for yelling at my kids to "turn off the damn lights when you leave a room" or "JESUS WHO TURNED THE FRIGGIN' HEAT UP TO 25????""

  • Scotty: "Instead of turning on the oven and baking them, I just eat raw cookie dough."

  • Tony: "When I get a chill at home, instead of reaching for the thermostat, I reach for the Fireball©"

  • Scotty: "We invite my Aunt Francine over at least once per week so we can harness the power of her hot flashes."

  • Tony: "Instead of using ALL the burners on the stove, I use one burner by cooking nothing but bacon for my family EVERY NIGHT!"

  • Scotty: "If the kids get cold, we make 'em wear earmuffs. Then we can swear like crazy too."