Canadian Track & Field Info

Some of today’s events at the Moncton Stadium: (map)

10:00am Decathlon Men 110m Hurdles

10:15am Heptathlon Women 100m Hurdles

10:25am 5,000m Women Para Wheelchair FINAL

10:40am 5,000m Men Para Wheelchair FINAL

10:55am 800m Men Qualifying + Para Ambulatory FINAL

11:10am 200m Women Qualifying

11:25am 200m Men Qualifying

11:45am 400m Hurdles Women Qualifying

12:05pm 400m Men Para Wheelchair Semi-Finals

12:25pm Youth Club Qualifying Round 4x100m

5:00pm 400m Women Para Wheelchair FINAL

5:05pm 400m Men Para Wheelchair FINAL

5:20pm Heptathlon Women 200m

5:30pm Decathlon Men 1500m

5:40pm 1500m Men Semi-Finals

6:10pm 400m Women Semi- Finals + Para Ambulatory FINAL

6:20pm 400m Men Semi- Finals

6:35pm 3000m Steeplechase Women FINAL

6:50pm 3000m Steeplechase Men FINAL


10:00am Pole Vault Women Qualifying

10:45am Decathlon Men Discus

11:15am Heptathlon Women High Jump

11:30am Shot Put Men/Women Para Ambulatory FINAL

12:15pm Hammer Women Qualifying

1:00pm Decathlon Men Pole Vault

3:00pm Heptathlon Women Shot Put

3:45pm Decathlon Men Javelin

5:00pm Discus Women / Men Para Wheelchair FINAL

6:00pm Long Jump Men/Women Para Ambulatory FINAL

6:15pm Hammer Men Qualifying

7:30pm Shot Put Women FINAL

9:15pm Shot Put Men FINAL


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Scotty & Tony have already won gold & retired from competition (file photo)