Things to do once in a Blue Moon (in Photos)

First, some math…

Long Weekend +

Unofficial end of Summer +

Blue Moon… (click Blue Moon to access cool online telescope!)

Blue Moon!

= Let’sGetWild…

drink helmet

Stuff to do once in a Blue Moon? Here are some ideas…

Channel your inner Frank-the-Tank…


*Horsman note: meet at Quad, 9p sharp.

Gangnam Style Dance while carousel-adjacent… 


*Horsman note: meet at Crystal Palace, 9:30p

Relax after a tough week…


*This is you getting home from work every Friday afternoon, isn’t it.

Invite friends over for a casual meal…

foofd fight

*you, front row, in the white sweater, where’s the effort?

Co-Host Tony says “Blue Moon or not, these next 2 are going on the list!”



Have a fun & safe long weekend!

Don’t forget to check out the BLUE MOON tonight!