Here's all your Springsteen Concert info


Some links if you’re going to Springsteen on Sunday, or if someone you know asks for info.

Tip: To Conserve Energy, we say Rock out with one hand at a time- not both hands at once. (see diagram)

  • Weather (CLICK)

  • Road closures/ transportation map (CLICK)

  • Ways to get to the show including Park N Ride info (CLICK)

  • Concert site layout (CLICK)

  • Rules: The following items WILL BE admitted on the site: Raincoat / poncho, Small beach towels, Small back packs and bags/ purses (Note: all bags will be searched), Sunscreen, Lighters/Cigarettes, One 1L bottle of water allowed per patron.  Water will be available on site. ALSO A CAMP CHAIR WILL BE PERMITTED!

There’s a lot you can’t bring in including “crystal balls” (seriously, leave your crystal balls at home.) 

this is a bottle of booze

Ways to smuggle in booze: *Never do this. Ever.*

  • in a washed out sunscreen container

  • wear a sweat band that’s secretly soaked in gin

  • under your British Guard’s hat

  • super-secret hollowed out boot heel

  • friend with catapult on Gorge Road + balloons filled with tequila = :P 

Start time? It’s listed as 3:00p. Often they are a little vague about start times for the individual bands. Sometimes this info comes out on the day of the show, sometimes not.