Friday! RunDown: Springsteen likes his song, Fredericton kitty cat wears necktie (pic), NS dog digs up fossil bone, Chocolate Good For You (again), PEI Oyster community involved in 50 Shades of Grey scenario?


Eric Church has heard from Bruce Springsteen’s people and it was good news.


Scotty Note: Remember when Eric Church used to look like this?

old eric

*Hat is from the Mitchel Musso Collection…

Mitchel Musso

Now, a photo of a Fredericton Kitty Cat wearing a necktie…


"Tiny" the Weightloss Cat + Necktie = Media Darling. Story HERE

tiny before

*Tiny’s Before Picture* “Thank you NordicTrak!”

Nova Scotia Dog Digs up bone that’s a 300 Million Year-Old Fossil.


That’s what happens when you run out of Beggin Strips©.


More Good Chocolate News!

land o choc

Dark Chocolate might Lower Blood Pressure.

Scotty note: 

Thank you, Food Scientists! Now get back to work on making high-yield bacon trees.


Saucy Oyster Scandal!

oo la la

PEI is promoting oysters with “Shucking-In” ceremonies at restaurants. 

Part of this Shucking-In ceremony Oath talks about “the salty kiss of a freshly shucked PEI Oyster.”

Salty Kiss also refers to something dirty. Scotty note: Google it if you want to. I’m not gonna link to it because my virgin ears have heard too much!

The PEI Fisheries Minister doesn’t seem too concerned about it- and I’m sure the whole thing was an innocent mistake- BUT you don’t get this kind of innuendo from the fried clams industry. Just Sayin’.


Article: "How to tell if he’s Lying to you, Ladies"

pants on fire

Scotty note: when his pants are on fire, that’s a dead giveaway.