First Day of School is Wednesday (info)

No matter how you feel about it, (you feel like this lady, don’t you) back to school time is here…



From the Anglophone East School District:

  • NEW SCHOOL HOURS 2012/2013-
    MHS: 9am to 4pm
    Arnold H. MacLeod: 8:30am to 1:45pm (k-2) & 2:45pm (3-4)
    Lewisville Middle School: 8:30am to 2:45pm
    Forest Glen: 8:25am to 1:40pm (k-2) & 2:40pm (3-4)
    Mountain View: 8:05am to 2:05 pm
    Lou MacNarin: 8:30am to 1:40pm (k-2) & 2:55pm (3-5)
    Shediac Cape: 8:15am to 1:45pm (k-2) & 2:45pm (3-8)
    Sunny Brae: 8:25am to 2:50pm

    All Anglophone East School District high schools will hold a Grade 9 Transition Day on Wednesday, September 5, 2012.THIS MEANS ONLY STUDENTS ENTERING GRADE 9 WILL BE EXPECTED TO ATTEND HIGH SCHOOL ON WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5. STUDENTS IN GRADES 10-11-12 WILL BEGIN CLASSES ON THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 6. At Moncton High School, on Wednesday, September 5, international students and their parents will attend a Transition Day with the Grade 9 students. For more information, please contact your local high school.


"A reminder to parents and guardians that school begins for most students on Wednesday, September 5th, 2012.

The exceptions to this start date are Kindergarten students, who have staggered entrance dates, and High School students. Grade 9 students at all Anglophone East School District high schools begin on Wednesday and then will be joined by grade 10, 11 & 12 students on Thursday, September 6th.

We hope that you have enjoyed the great weather this summer. We look forward to seeing the return of the students to the classroom and the beginning of another great year. Please contact your school for more information. The District Calendar is also available online.”