Can't Decide What Movie to Watch? Maybe is what you need.


Scotty note: at my house, we can never decide what movie to watch. Back when we all used to go to the video rental place it was easier. You HAD to make up your mind and pick a movie before the store closed. Or they would eventually call the police and ask you to leave.
Now, we sit at home, go through around 800 pages of movie descriptions online, and pause every 100 pages or so to say “Meh.” 

Solution: We just read about FOUNDD.COM & tried it out. You sign in (FB, Twitter, Email) and rate some movies, then it learns what your taste is and suggests movies you’d like. It worked for us (so far). If you have friends over for movies, you all can join as a group & it’ll suggest movies you ALL would like.

Thank you, internet!