Wednesday: Tim Horton's Camp DAy

Update: We got this note from the crew at Tim’s Head Office

"The totals are in, thanks to all the generous volunteers and customers here in South Eastern NB we raised $136,441.24 yesterday during Camp Day. Thank you so much for being part of such a special day, we will be able to send more than 60 children from our region to camp with these funds for an experience of a life time."

Thanks for your support!! PS, no word on the ‘evidence for Bigfoot’ thing yet >Horsman

Today is Tim Horton’s Camp Day.
You can buy a coffee at Tim’s and help send a kid to camp where they will make awesome memories to last a lifetime!

Horsman note: Maybe this year they’ll finally get that empirical evidence for the existence of BIGFOOT! (counting on you, kids!)


Also, for more info on ways to help the kids, click pic below.