Scotty & Tony's Tips for Staying Cool and/or Hip at work ©2012

We got a new boss here at the radio station.

Most of the new hires at work are now younger than us.

"the new boss" file photo

*your next boss. file photo

We’ve managed to stay HIP and BAD (apparently it really means good) through careful observation and cunning mimicry…

Scotty & Tony’s Tips for Staying Cool and/or Hip at work ©2012

  • If you want to BE awesome, you’ve got to USE the WORD awesome. A LOT. Even if you’re talking about someone’s sunburn.

  • Fellas, Lower Those Pants! Rule of thumb: If you could run away from a chainsaw-weilding maniac, then your pants aren’t low enough! (About one inch above the knees.)

  • Ringtones are IMPORTANT! Rule of thumb: it better be #$%&*@ing HILARIOUS! (Or Party Rock Anthem)

  • Watercooler Talk could SCORE YOU BIG POINTS! If you DON’T KNOW WHAT they’re talking about, see rule number one re “awesome”.

  • Footwear is MORE IMPORTANT than FRESH BREATH! Ladies, if the top of your head isn’t bumping into to the light fixtures, your heels are NOT HIGH ENOUGH!

Hope that helps! Hope that was awesome and helpful. Hope that we helped you become more awesome! Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome! 

©2012 Awesome & Awesome.