Timbits Hockey Tourney This Weekend! (Jan 11th and 12th)

It's been a minute since the first Timbits Hockey tourney!
It's a big anniversary jamboree this weekend with over 1300 players taking part at the Avenir Centre.
It wraps up on Sunday  afternoon when the players parade around the ice during the Wildcats game (4pm start).
We want to send a big shoutout to players, volunteers, coaches, and parents taking part!
BTW, for the 30th Annual Timbits Hockey Jamboree, a dozen players from the first-ever Timbits team will be honoured at the Moncton Wildcats on Saturday night.

*Tourney Trivia:
-Moncton has the longest running Timbits Hockey Jamboree in Canada
-NHLers Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon were Timbits Hockey players! (Sid was a Timbit in 1993 and Nate in 2000)

*Notes from the Avenir Centre:
"For those attending the Saturday and or Sunday’s Moncton Wildcats games, just a friendly reminder to plan ahead, and give yourself plenty of time.
Skip the box office line up. Purchase your tickets online and get mobile delivery.
Grab your tickets here: https://bit.ly/2sY0VJT
For all your transportation and parking needs check out www.mybestoption.ca or www.codiatranspo.ca"

Here's their Facebook post:

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