Sign up for Sports and Activities & Where to get financial help

There are a million different things for kids (and grownups!) to do this Fall and Winter, and now's the time to sign up!
Maybe y'all wanna try badminton, or sign up for hockey or basketball... perhaps you're thinking about scouting or learning how to live amongst the wolves eventually becoming their Alpha Pack Leader... TBH, that last one may no longer be offered.
CLICK to see the list and get signed up.
**BTW, the cost of kids' sports and activities can be a hardship but there is help available.
-The Moncton Youth Recreation Assistance Program (MyRap) can help pay registration fees for kids age 4 to 18. APPLY HERE
-KidSport info HERE
-Jumpstart info HERE
-P.R.O. Kids Dieppe HERE
-P.R.O. Kids Riverview HERE
-Big ol List of grants HERE

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