Wheelchair GoFundMe: Support Brent Daborn and his Mom!

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This is from their GoGundMe:
" Accessible Wheelchair Van & Standing Wheelchair… $60,000 goal… Kim is driving an 11 year old van, specially equipped to handle Brent's wheelchair.  Her van has over 300,000 km and is starting to cost a lot of money to keep on the road. A new van would not only accommodate the new wheelchair, it would also give Kim the peace of mind of a reliable, safe vehicle to drive!
In addition, Brent has recently 'test drove' a new powered wheelchair that will allow him to stand.  This Permamobil chair allows Brent (and, in turn Kim) the ability to do things for himself. Simple things like getting a glass of water without Kim needing to do it for him!  The cost of the wheelchair is $50,000. While some of this cost MAY be covered by insurance, at least 25% of this cost must be borne by Kim.

We have set a goal of $60,000 that will allow Kim to get a new van that will accommodate Brent's new wheelchair.  Although we are uncertain at this time what percentage of the chair will be paid for, we are hopeful that the insurance company will kick in the funds necessary to be able to purchase this life changing piece of equipment!

No donation too small!  Please consider a gift to Brent and Kim that will make their lives so much easier. "