Ways to Help People Experiencing Homelessness Summer 2019

-We have a Tent City on Albert Street until the new House of Nazareth Shelter opens
-City of Moncton has made a statement about who is officially permitted to work with the people in Tent City
-These are the only oragnizations with official access: YMCA ReConnect, Salvus Clinic, Ensemble Moncton and John Howard Society (Green Trade) all offer direct support services to the tenters.

From an older blog post... ways to help folks... more info or other organizations ...

-Harvest House helps to feed hungry people, gives homeless folks a safe place to stay, helps addicted people get healthy, and even teaches skills to help folks get jobs and back on their feet... Donate online HERE... if you'd like to volunteer some of your time CLICK HERE... if you'd like to donate items (especially Winter clothes and boots) CLICK HERE... BTW Harvest House is at 182 High Street. Also check out the Harvest House Fundraiser "Spring2Action" coming up May 4th!

-YMCA Moncton's ReConnect Program helps homeless and at-risk people by giving folks a hand up. You can give money, gift cards, hygiene products... anything is appreciated! CLICK HERE for more info. One of the big ReConnect fundraisers is Battle of the Brains which just happened and raised $15000! Thank you!!

-The Humanity Project gives homeless people a place to stay and get out of the cold. HERE's the donate link with more info.

Know of more ways to help? Did we miss something? (Pretty sure we must have.) Let us know in the comments!! Thanks :)

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