*video* Bed-in for World Peace and Harvest House Fri May 3 at Sleep Country

*Update video*
*Update: Nearly $600 raised for Harvest House on Friday morning! Karen Young wins the Big Summer Fun Ticket!! Please consider helping out Harvest House through donating money, time, food, personal care items, other things your smart brain can think of. Thanks for helping!!!
*End Update

Note: Donate to Harvest House online now HERE and you still qualify for the big prize!
Our Bed-in for World Peace and Harvest House happens today (Fri May 3) from 6a til 1p... we're broadcasting from a bed at Sleep Country (20 Wyse St off Mapleton).
-BBQ from noon to 1p.
-Donations go to Harvest House
-Ballots Box for Big Ticket Prize Pack©
-Big Ticket Prize Pack is all this... Pro Bull Riders tix… Monster Spectacular tix… Lonestar tix… David Nail tix… Washboard Union/ Old Dominion tix including Washboard Union Meet n Greet… four Tranquil Lavender Pillows from Sleep Country.
-Other ways to help Harvest House HERE
-We're also doing this for World Peace, refusing to get out of bed until World Peace breaks out. We wrote a song about it...