STEM EAST EXPO *UPDATE: VIDEO! (expo was March 21 2019 at NBCC Moncton)

*Update: here's our video...

*Update on our Scotty & Tony STEM Bursary: yes we'll still give you $5.00 Canadian if you invent and give us a Time Travel Device... but we are now extending a $5.00 award for an AI Ham Tin that opens itself whenever you lose or break the key...
^Please put the Mission to Mars on hold until we solve this^
*End Update*

"IT'S BACK-A-LACKIN so let's get CRACK-A-LACKIN!" - Albert Einstein
Einstein was right, the STEM EAST EXPO is back... on Thurs March 21, 2019.
The STEMeast Expo is a big ol' Science & Tech Fair (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) happening at NBCC Moncton (1234 Mountain Rd)... public welcome from 2:00p to 4:00p.

Here's our video tour and info from last year...

2018 winners... Congratulations to:
-Harrison Trimble High School (school wins 3D printer from
-Riverview East School (for middle school)
-Riverview East School (for elementary school too!)
hat science (file photo)

Here's some stuff from past STEM Expos, including details on our Time Travel Monetary Award...

The interview we did with junior scientist Oliver...

Note: We are still offering a $5 Cash Award to the first junior scientist to invent a Time Travel device so we can make a billion dollars betting on the 1986 Stanley Cup Finals.
Note 2: We are offering an ADDITIONAL $5 to the person who gives us a WMD (Weather Manipulation Device)!! 

*We may change the name to WTF (Weather Transformation Facilitator)

More STEMeast Expo memories...
On Time Travel: "Science has promised us TIME TRAVEL numerous times.
Sure, it might be a dystopia with ape-bosses, but at least we'll have loincloths and wigs."

On Intelligence:
"The time science proved that Smarties© actually make you smarter

On hamburgers in jars:
"Holy Mack! They've got hamburgers in jars!!"

On Scientific Motivation:
"We've proven our hypothesis... Spite really IS the Mother of Invention!"
Our Evidence...
-Telephone: invented so Graham Bell could call his ex, then slam the receiver down.*
-The Clapper: invented because somebody's spouse kept saying 'get your lazy butt outta bed and turn off the light!"*
-Everything pitched on Shark Tank: "My aggressive valuation is surpassed only by my feelings of SPITE!"*
-Lightbulb: Edison was One Spitefull Sonuvagun©*
-All Tesla's inventions: "I'll show you, Edison!"*
-Les Paul Guitar: "I'll show you, Virginia!"*
-Slap Chop: "I'll show you, people who said ShamWow was a one-hit-wonder!"*
-Windows PC: "I'll show you, Scientific Calculators!"*
-Facebook: "I'll show you, people with social lives!"*