Christmas Tree Removal 2018/19

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The family Christmas tree... it was the centerpiece of your holiday... think of the wonderful Christmas memories you made in front of that glorious tree... standing stately in your livingroom... shining brightly for your whole family to enjoy...
now it's time to throw it away alongside your banana peels and empty Ganong Delecto boxes. Here's the scoop on Christmas Tree Tree Disposal...

*RIVERVIEW Christmas tree pickup is on your regular trash day the week of January 7th 2019. The Town issued a reminder that your  tree needs to be un-decorated... So before you toss your tree out "ornaments and all" because you just don't care... Please consider the rules of Christmas Tree Engagement©.

*MONCTON... Until January 18, 2019 you can drop off your Christmas Bush© at:
Kay Arena parking lot, Ball Field off Crowley Farm Rd, Former Dud James Arena parking lot, Moncton Coliseum parking lot, Mapleton Park parking lot (Gorge Road entrance), Moncton Wesleyan parking lot, Eco360 (info: 506-877-1040 or, Or put your tree out on your Trash Night on the week of January 7-11 & week of January 14-18 (info: 506-859-2643)

*DIEPPE Christmas tree* pickup is on your trash night Tues, Jan 8 2019, Wed Jan 9 2019, or Fri Jan 11 2019
*real trees, not those plastic monstrosities, un-decorate them first