*Playoff Update: Wildcats playoff schedule for the first round is a 2-3-2 format... games 1 & 2 have the Cats in Baie Comeau this Fri and Sat night... games 3,4,5 are in Moncton Tues March 26, Wed March 27, Fri March 29... the final 2 games are in Baie Comeau Mon April 1 & Tues April 2...
*End Update

>Wildcats 2018-19 Home Games ... click play button to scroll through...


>BUFFET Info... listen for chances to win game tix AND buffets!
Now the Wildcats offer a pre-game all-u-can-eat buffet which is wonderful news if you hate hockey but love to eat!
-Buffet starts at 5:30p and runs until 7:00p for 7:00p games… (if it's a 4:00p game buffet starts 2:30p)
-When you win a buffet prize from us come to the radio station for your prize like normal, then go to the Avenir box office, and then go to Gate 6 for super-awesome buffet fun times!
-You need a reservation for the buffet... you can call 506-962-4545 ext 9014 to make reservations.
-more buffet details pop up on the Avenir Centre Facebook Page

>How to help the Wildcats this season...
>1) Cheer Loudly... even if you're not exactly on-message volume still counts...

>2) Offer Advice on Social Media...

>3) Throw an Octopus on the Ice... (HERE'S a list of seafood shops)

>4) Pyramid Power© If you don't have time to read the story below or click the link, all you really need to know is: A) Get a bunch of friends to smuggle in a length of board and B) Assemble those boards into a pyramid somewhere in the new arena. [1976... The Leafs are down 2 games to none against the Flyers... Coach Red Kelly institutes Pyramid Power... Red's wife had read about the power of pyramids... before game 3 Red put five pyramids under the Leafs bench at Maple Leaf Gardens... the Leafs won 5 to 4... that's all the science we need... #PyramidPower!]