Becca Schofield Day 2018 Sat Sept 15 #BeccaToldMeTo

Saturday (Sept 15th) is Becca Schofield Day (click HERE for Rebecca's story.)
Spread Kindness Today in memory of Becca #BeccaToldMeTo

>Concert & BBQ...
Saturday at 7:30p there's a concert for Becca Day at Riverview Arts Centre. This is free but you're encouraged to donate to one of Becca's fave charities. Reserve a seat HERE. Riverview Lions Club is doing a free BBQ before the show too, and any donations raised from that will go to the Lions Sick Children Fund.
Notes: Last year everyone wore blue (Becca's fave colour)... Ideas of charities you could donate to... Atlantic Wellness Community Center, Lions Sick Children's Fund, and Sears National Kids Cancer Ride NB.

>Ideas for Acts of Kindness: reading to the elderly, donating time to a charity, collecting food for the hungry, helping someone rearrange the furniture so it has better feng shui, solving the conundrum of inequality, delivering free care-a-grams, and of course creating peace among all nations. (As you can see, no deed is too big or too small... or too specific.)