Summer Heat 2019: Stay Cool, Homeslice #Humidex #Splashpads #Beaches #FreeAdvice

-HERE's some tips for keeping hydrated... article says besides drinking lots of water you can have your coffee/tea to stay hydrated... also eat fruit... or wear it???

-Moncton Splashpads have the Blue marker on map... CLICK HERE for more info... 
Note from the City Facebook
"We are happy to report that the following splash pads are back in operation:
• Canadian Heights Park (35 Chelsea Road)
• Pauline Frizell Park (387 Salisbury Road)
• SuperSplash Park (Centennial Park) 
Due to some maintenance issues, Sunny Acres Park (120 Ellerdale Avenue) and Grove Hamlet Park (39 Ripplewood Road) are currently out of commission until further notice. 
Beat the heat and visit some of our splash pads around the city! Use our playground locator map for all locations:"

-Riverview has the one splashpad on Runneymeade

-Places to swim in Moncton and HERE's the YMCA Swim Sched

-Air conditioning unit in giant foam cowboy hat
-Air conditioning unit in loose-fitting Hawaiian shirt
-Air conditioning unit in sweat pants
-Air conditioning unit inconspicuously placed under sombrero
-unplug hot tub, fill with ice, place self inside
-eat watermelon and also wear it like a helmet
-replace office chair with block of ice
-instead of sunscreen lather up with ice cream

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