Summer Heat 2019: Stay Cool, Homeslice #Humidex #Splashpads #Beaches #FreeAdvice

-HERE's some tips for keeping hydrated... article says besides drinking lots of water you can have your coffee/tea to stay hydrated... also eat fruit... or wear it???

-Here are symptoms to look for if you think someone is getting ill from the heat...

-Heat Illness Symptoms might be hard to spot at first (lookin' at you, irritable)

-Moncton Splashpads have the Blue marker on map... CLICK HERE for more info... 
Note from the City Facebook
"City of Moncton June 25 at 4:03 PM · 
Due to some maintenance issues, the following splash pads will be out of commission until further notice:
• Canadian Heights Park (35 Chelsea Road)
• Pauline Frizell Park (387 Salisbury Road)
• Sunny Acres Park (120 Ellerdale Avenue)
Also the bucket feature at the Super Splash Park in Centennial Park is currently out of order."

-Riverview has the one splashpad on Runneymeade

-Air conditioning unit in giant foam cowboy hat
-Air conditioning unit in loose-fitting Hawaiian shirt
-Air conditioning unit in sweat pants
-Air conditioning unit inconspicuously placed under sombrero
-unplug hot tub, fill with ice, place self inside
-eat watermelon and also wear it like a helmet
-replace office chair with block of ice
-instead of sunscreen lather up with ice cream

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