SHEDIAC FLEA MARKET INFO (happens fri-sun jul 13,14,15)

-The Big Ol' Shediac Flea Market© is Fri (Jul 13) from 9a-8p... Sat (Jul 14) 9a-8p... Sun (Jul 15) 9a-3p at the Festival Grounds
-They have THE BEST INFO HOTLINE NUMBER IN THE INDUSTRY: for more info call 506-384-FLEA (3532)
-They've got collectibles, antiques, crafts, gifts, cool stuff, food court, more...
If you spot one of these Velvet Elvis paintings please GET IN TOUCH pronto!

Also, if you spot ANYTHING in ^this photo^ get in touch DOUBLE PRONTO!!

If you need at Doctor's note to get out of work and get to the Flea Market first thing on Friday just print this out...