2018 Update Video...

*We call this one 'the Fart Throbs' #CleverFraming

The BIG BIKE (Heart & Stroke Foundation) is coming back to Moncton in August & September and now's the time to get your team together! CLICK HERE to sign up, donate, or find out more.
Big Bike Little Facts:
>You ride downtown on a Big Ol Bike©
>You don't have to be Tour de France winner Chris Froome to be able to do the Big Bike
>It takes 15-20 minutes.
>You need 29 people (or combine with another team)
>You need to get $50 in pledges.
>$$ stays in our region and helps to save lives!
The Big Bike has helped to get AED Machines into rinks and community centres around the region and people have been saved by them!

So get all your friends/ enemies/ people-you-haven't-categorized-yet/ onto this bike and make the world a better place! BTW, if you do end up amongst your enemies on that bike, it's a perfect time to air your grievances because those jerks aren't going anywhere for the next 20 minutes...

Here's us from the last time...

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