TMD PODCAST S2 Ep2 Fri Apr 13 2018 #PrayersForHumboldt #PeanutButterPickleSandwich #LiveLikeMonkeys #GymClothesGetYouFit

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Show Notes:
New York Times confirms: Peanut Butter Pickle Sandwiches aren't weird! (jk they are. Very.) Is this attempt by Big Pickle to introduce a weird sandwich into the zeitgeist? You be the judge...

Stressed out monkeys take hot baths to relax... not really sure what to do with this info... are we supposed to look to monkeys for examples of how to live our lives now? Because one time we were at Magnetic Hill Zoo for Media Day and the monkeys there started doing some awful things... it was traumatizing. So, no, I am not taking any life lessons from the monkeys... I'm glad they bathe though...

Wearing Fancy Workout Clothes makes you want to work out- study.
Not sure I get this... if you're wearing workout clothes it inspires you to work out? They asked people who go to the gym the question... so that HAS to impact the study, right? If they would've asked people in Bathrobes what makes them want to go to the gym, 100% of respondants writing this blog would've answered "Put your clipboard away or I will eat it."

Look at this drawing... 1) it's not a real 3D object, 2) my brain cannot deal