TMD PODCAST S2 E3 Fri Apr 20 #MovieAdlibs #CellPhoneExorcisms #SpicyLovePotion #LabMistakeMutant! #Beans #Cows


Show Notes:
Some pretty iconic movie scenes were made up by the actor in the moment...
The finished movie was >Princess Leia: "I love you."... Han Solo: "I know."<
The script was >Princess Leia: "I love you."... Han Solo: "MMMMMMmmmmmmmmKay."*
*citation needed

Now priests are able to perform exorcisms over the phone. There is such a backlog of people needing exorcisms that priests can't get to everybody, so they're phoning it in.
The NEWS STORY is all about the course that priests were at this week... but part of the course is to learn how to phone in an exorcism when needed.
The other day I was getting groceries and there was this guy talking to his buddy on the cell phone... everybody hates that... I just wanted to get to the Honey Nut Cheerios... now imagine it's a priest doing an exorcism right there in the cereal section. 100% approve!

Now this from Scotty & Tony's Science Corner©...
New Study: When your date eats spicy food, YOU SEEM MORE ATTRACTIVE!?
Please notify all your single friends who are looking for love.
HERE are the specifics
The experts say it's because we associate the same words with spicy foods and good looks (you know, like Hawt... and Spicy!) and that messes with our mind somehow.
So if your friends buy you a whole case of Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce, they are only trying to help.

^love potion?*

Ripped from the headlines of your favourite comic: Somebody in a lab screwed up and created a mutant that will save the world! Scientists have been working on this enzyme that eats plastic and they accidentally made it into some sort of Super-Mutant-Enzyme that wants to EAT MORE PLASTIC FASTER! Sure, after the enzyme takes care of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch it'll prolly come for our combs and fidget spinners, but still...
^artist rendering

Eat Baked Beans for breakfast... unless you work in a closed room with a co-host (lookin' at you, Smith)