**UPDATE with VIDEO** StemEAST EXPO Mon March 26 2018 NBCC MONCTON #Science #JetPacks #TimeTravel


****UPDATE Mon March 26****

Here's our video tour...

The winners have been announced... Congratulations to:
-Harrison Trimble High School (school wins 3D printer from SHOP3D.ca)
-Riverview East School (for middle school)
-Riverview East School (for elementary school too!)
   *hat science (file photo)


"IT'S BACK, BABY!" - Albert Einstein
Einstein was right, the STEM EAST EXPO is back... on Fri 23 Mon 26 March.
The STEMeast Expo is a big ol' Science & Tech Fair (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) happening at NBCC Moncton (1234 Mountain Rd)
It starts at 8:45a (a speech from Mayor Dawn Arnold!)... public welcome at 2:30p... closing ceremonies/ awards start at 3:30p.
Here's some stuff from past STEM Expos, including details on our Time Travel Monetary Award!
Last year video...

The interview we did with junior scientist Oliver...

Note: We are still offering a $5 Cash Award to the first junior scientist to invent a Time Travel device so we can make a billion dollars betting on the 1986 Stanley Cup Finals.
Note 2: We are offering an ADDITIONAL $5 to the person who gives us a WMD (Weather Manipulation Device)!! 

*We may change the name to WTF (Weather Transformation Facilitator)
More STEMeast Expo memories...
On Time Travel: "Science has promised us TIME TRAVEL numerous times.
Sure, it might be a dystopia with ape-bosses, but at least we'll have loincloths and wigs."

On Intelligence:
"The time science proved that Smarties© actually make you smarter

On hamburgers in jars:
"Holy Mack! They've got hamburgers in jars!!"

On Scientific Motivation:
"We've proven our hypothesis... Spite really IS the Mother of Invention!"
Our Evidence...
-Telephone: invented so Graham Bell could call his ex, then slam the receiver down.*
-The Clapper: invented because somebody's spouse kept saying 'get your lazy butt outta bed and turn off the light!"*
-Everything pitched on Shark Tank: "My aggressive valuation is surpassed only by my feelings of SPITE!"*
-Lightbulb: Edison was One Spitefull Sonuvagun©*
-All Tesla's inventions: "I'll show you, Edison!"*
-Les Paul Guitar: "I'll show you, Virginia!"*
-Slap Chop: "I'll show you, people who said ShamWow was a one-hit-wonder!"*
-Windows PC: "I'll show you, Scientific Calculators!"*
-Facebook: "I'll show you, people with social lives!"*