Tix on sale! NITRO CIRCUS DAREDEVIL STUNT SHOW JUNE 9th at MONCTON STADIUM #NitroCircus #Daredevils #Moncton #Stunts

****UPDATE: On Tues (May 22) at 8:00a some contestants will be competing in the 7th annual Scotty & Tony Invitational Lil Bike Regatta© at the radio station to win Nitro Circus tickets.
Details HERE. Listen at 8:50 if you want to play.
>Nitro Circus comes back to town on June 9th at Moncton Stadium... Tickets on sale (LINK)

What is Nitro Circus? It's part racing, part daredevil stunt show, part initiation into a secret society that only cool people are allowed to know about* (citation needed)
Here's how they describe themselves:
"Nitro Circus is the only action sports entertainment company that delivers the biggest and best, mind blowing cross platform entertainment for daredevils and risk taking wannabes in the spirit of fun, friendship and camaraderie." (More HERE)