HELP MONCTON WILDCATS WIN #Octopus #Pyramid #QMJHL #KateSmith #SportsHarder #MemorialCup *Update Mar 14 2018

ICYMI: Moncton Wildcats are hoping to host the memorial Cup in 2019... The Memorial Cup Committee has toured & left Moncton... now we wait for a month to hear if we get the Tournament or not... they NEED OUR SUPPORT more than ever... Here's how YOU can help them win their LAST REG SEASON HOME GAME EVER AT THE COLISEUM!!

>1) Cheer Loudly even if you don't understand it all...

>2) Offer Advice on Social Media...

>3) Throw an Octopus on the Ice... (HERE'S a list of seafood shops)

>4) Pyramid Power© If you don't have time to read the story below or click the link, all you really need to know is: A) Get a bunch of friends to smuggle in a length of board B) Assemble those boards into a pyramid somewhere in the mezzanine area [1976... The Leafs are down 2 games to 0 versus Philadelphia... Coach Red Kelly institutes Pyramid Power... (Red's wife read about the power of pyramids... and even tried it to cure their daughter's headaches)... before game 3 at Maple Leaf Gardens the Coach put five plastic pyramids under the Leafs bench... there were a lotta fights that game... and the Leafs outshot the Flyers 52 to 28, winning the game 5 to 4... that's all the science we need... #PyramidPower!]

^photo: how to assemble your pyramid in the Coliseum mezzanine area

Wildcats Schedule HERE