Happy Saint Patrick's Day from Scotty and Tony!!

The crew at SCREENRANT has a big ol list of movies to watch for St. Patrick's Day (CLICK HERE for full List)
Some of them...
LEPRECHAUN (1993) Terrifying!
THE COMMITMENTS (1991) Awesome!
FAR AND AWAY (1992) Romance!
THE QUIET MAN (1952) John Wayne!
THE SECRET OF KELLS (2009) Animation

Usual consumption of Guinness Beer per day: 5.5 million pints
Consumption of Guinness Beer on Saint Patrick's Day: 13 million!


"You can come out now guys, I totally got rid of the snakes." - Saint Patrick

"Look at my beard everyone! I've been using beeswax on it !!" - Saint Patrick

"They're just little marshmallows, is that really worth kidnapping me over?" - Lucky the leprechaun

"Look, no one feels worse than me about the unicorns, but they made a choice." - Noah

"May all your rainbows lead to a pot of gold. Or to you medical marijuana enthusiasts, a pot of pot" - Traditional Irish Greeting

"May you be in Heaven 10 seconds before the World Supply of Whiskey runs out. But no sooner." -Traditional Irish Toast