Pam Tillis & Lorrie Morgan are bringing their Grits & Glamour Tour to Casino NB on Thursday August 17th. Not a lot of ticket info is available yet (so watch this space for updates)
Tickets will go on sale Friday at 10a at CasinoNB.

Here are the notes that we got from the radio station Promotions Department:
-They're friends.
-Pam likes to garden (it's an organic vegetable garden)
-Lorrie likes to garden (roses)
-They like to cook together (notable dish is chicken and dumplins)
-Pam has been on the TV show “Nashville”
-Pam and Lorrie love to tweet (@PamTillis) (@TheLorrieMorgan)
*This is word-for-word what we were sent: "Pam and Lorrie have
teamed up to record Dos Divas, scheduled for a mid-summer 2013 release. The project
features solo performances by Morgan and Tillis as well as fun collaborations and
poignant duets." (so if you hadn't heard about their 2013 release, it's out! No more waiting!!)

*Win tickets for the show with Scotty & Tony this week ...
Tues March 28 at 8:10a, then Wed, Thurs, Fri at 7:50a (LISTEN HERE)