Where to ditch your Xmas tree...

Until Zoologists get together with arborists to tackle the Christmas tree disposal problem with Cats on Laser-Shooting Unicorns (we ask every year!) we have to get rid of our Xmas trees the old-fasioned way (like chumps.) 
"Dr. Moreau, your Four O'Clock is here."

*RIVERVIEW Christmas trees pickup is on your regular trash day on the week of January 9-13, 2017. The Town of Riverview reminds you that your garbage tree should be as free of ornaments and tinsel as possible. (they have to remind people to undecorate the tree before throwing it out  ...somebody must've tried to throw out a decorated tree before... please fight the temptation to throw out a fully-decorated tree.)

*MONCTON... Until January 14, 2017 you can drop off your Christmas Bush© at:
1) Crossman Community Centre, Kay Arena
2) Ball Field off Crowley Farm Road
3) Former Dud James Arena (Limerick Street)
4) Moncton Coliseum
5) Mapleton Park (Gorge Road entrance)
6) Moncton Wesleyan Church (St. George Blvd.)
7) Fairview Knoll Playground
8) Eco360 (Berry Mills Road) (Info: 877-1040 or eco360.ca)
-Or put your tree out on your Trash Night on the week of January 2-6 (*only that week*)

*DIEPPE Christmas tree pickup is...
-Tuesday, January 10, 2016
-Wednesday, January 11, 2016
-Friday, January 13