Scotty and Tony want to congratulate (or conGRADulate... see what we did there) you GRADS!
Some Grad Dates...

-Monday, June 16th:
Caledonia Regional Prom & Safe Grad
Berniece MacNaughton Prom & Safe Grad 
Harrison Trimble Prom & Safe Grad
JMA Prom

-Tuesday, June 17th:
RHS Prom and Safe Grad 
PRS Prom 
Moncton High Prom & Safe Grad

-Wednesday, June 18th:
Berniece MacNaughton Graduation (Wesleyan)
JMA Graduation
Beaverbrook Alternative Education Centre Graduation

-Thursday, June 19th:
RHS Graduation (Dobson Arena) 
PRS Grad 
Harrison Trimble Graduation (Wesleyan) 
Tantramar Prom 
Moncton High School Graduation

-Friday, June 20th:
Last day of school!!!!!!
Caledonia Regional High Graduation

-Saturday, June 21st:
Tantramar Graduation 9:30 am (Mt. A Convocation Hall)

-Sunday, June 22nd:
Mathieu-Martin Graduation

***Note*** If your Commencement Address person cancels at the last minute, please call us.
Here's a sample of our excellent commencement speeches:




(some gradvice© on what to do with your grad robe)