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This week we did the Love Boat Ballroom Contest to celebrate the Week of Sweet, Sweet, Loving Love.

On Monday we delivered a McArthur’s Flower Shop bouquet to Melissa. Some of us weren’t wearing pants. Thanks for tuning in Melissa! :)

Francine won on Tuesday. Again, it appears that Horsman thinks it’s pants-optional. Thanks for playing Francine! :)


On Wednesday we drove to Lewis Mountain to deliver flowers to Donna. It was nice to meet you Donna! 

*We were photo-bombed by a Christmas tree*image


Donna also gave us a gift to hang in the studio…


Thanks very much Donna!

Thursday (Valentines Day!) we delivered flowers to our final winner, Joanne.

It escalated into a 3-way hug situation pretty quickly… 

Thanks to all of you who played our contest :)

>Scotty & Tony