Buses Running Late

Tons of late buses today:



Francophone South School District: all buses in Shédiac Zone & Bouctouche Zone.are delayed by 1 hour.
Also, in Sackville, Bus #41 and #49 are both delayed by 1 hour.
School is open at regular time.

Anglophone East School District:
In the Shediac region Bus 50, 51, 52, 54, 58, and 59 are delayed by 1 hour.
All BUSES in the Tantramar Region are delayed by 1 hour (this includes Port Elgin, Dorchester, and Sackville)
School is open at regular time.



And now, “Things to do with your extra hour if you’re a bus student whose bus is on a 1 hour delay”

-finish last week’s math sheet
-solve climate change (but tell no one because you like having bus delays sometimes)
-work ahead on your English assignment … hahahahahahaha just kidding
-watch a little Sesame Street… or 100 Huntley Street if that’s what you’re into
-clean your room … hahahahahahahaha AS IF- you’d need 3 days and a mini excavator to pull that one off!